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Choosing a Mattress - 10 Important Considerations Before You Buy 

Buying tips from experts that will help you choose a mattress that's just right for you ...


A mattress is one of the most important purchases you can make and buying the right one can mean the difference between feeling healthy and energized or dragging yourself around through the day. Unfortunately, many people don't give the selection process the attention or time it needs.

If you're in the market for a mattress, don't make that mistake: Really educate yourself about your own personal needs and what all that the different models can provide for you.

Here are a few important tips to help you decide on the best mattress for you:

Know What You Want Before You Go Shopping...


If you simply head out to a department store and tell a clerk you want to buy a mattress, you really have no idea what you'll end up with.

They might offer you something that's priced right, but that doesn't fit the bill for your body or sleeping habits.

Since it's the salesperson's job to convince you to buy something, they're primary motivation may not be your good health; thus, it's imperative that you know what you want before you begin shopping.

Find Out About The Warranty...

Before you let yourself fall in love with any mattress, make sure it comes with a manufacturer's warranty.

This will make you feel a lot more comfortable with the price tag and taking the next step of bringing the mattress home.

Many of the major brands will offer you a lengthy warranty, giving you more confidence in their products.

Just be sure to read the fine print so you know what kinds of actions could void the warranty.

Ask If There Is A Comfort Guarantee ...

Separate from a manufacturer's guarantee of quality crafting, you should also make inquiries regarding promises of comfort.

After all, if you don't find the mattress comfortable, it doesn't really matter if it will last 10 or 15 years. These guarantees are offered by many mattress manufacturers, as well as the stores that sell them.

With this type of guarantee, though, you'll likely have a limited time in which you could return or exchange your purchase.

Talk To Your Doctor If You Have Back Problems...

If you have lower back pain, for example, like millions of other people, consider asking your doctor or chiropractor for a recommendation on which type of mattress you should look into.

Medical experts address back problems all day long and should have some very useful information for you in terms of the type of mattress that would be best for your individual circumstances.

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Look For Experts Who Can Guide Your Choice ...

Since buying a mattress is such an important process for your well being, look for clerks and salespeople who have experience with the specific products.

They should be able to feature/benefit each model to you, explaining how your sleeping can improve and why you'll feel better with one model over another one.

Travel To Specialty Stores And Try The Mattresses ...

Even if you have to go out of your way, make sure you visit mattress stores, rather than stores that happen to sell mattresses.

As tempting as discounts may be, what you really want is a great sleeping surface that's going to take care of your body.

Also, it's important that you have the opportunity to test the different types of mattresses for a few minutes each, in order to know first-hand which is most preferable or beneficial for you.

Test an individual mattress for no less than 10 minutes.

Determine What Firmness You Need ...


There are varying degrees of firmness and even if a particular type feels good for a minute or so, it may not be what you need for a solid eight hours every night. Generally, a firm mattress will have less give to it, offering more support; softer mattresses, such as pillow-tops, will allow your body to sink into a contour.

More people with back pain surveyed by industry investigators prefer a softer sleep, including the kind provided by foam, pillow-tops and air mattresses; however, that group's preference didn't exceed the people who liked firmness better by a significant margin.

Know What Components You Want In A Mattress...

There are innerspring mattresses, memory foam, adjustable and more to choose from. While the innerspring may be the most popular, due to its durability and reliable support, memory foam may be more suitable for your spine - as it minimizes pressure on your bones and joints.

Also, if you sleep with someone, the two of you should confer regarding mattress components prior to shopping, unless you've decided on a model that allows for individual adjustment from either side.

Don't Be Afraid To Shop Online ...

So long as you know what you want and enough about the manufacturer, there's nothing wrong with buying online. The major stores offer money-back guarantees, likely in addition to what the brand does.

Shopping online can be convenient, especially when it comes to shipping; however, it's not recommended that you shop online until you have a good deal of knowledge on the topic and specifically as it applies to you.

Protect Your Mattress ...

Because this is a long-term investment, consider purchasing a protector to go along with your new mattress.

They're water-proof and definitely work to keep you compliant with the terms of the warranty when it comes to spills.

Accessorize Your Sleeping Arrangement ...

While a good mattress will help you to sleep better, it can't normally do the job all on its own.

If you've had your pillows for too long, why not get new ones to go with the mattress?

Even if your favorite pillow was designed to last a few years, it's not always a good idea to keep them that long, especially if you suffer with neck or shoulder issues.

Review Your Mattress To Help Other Shoppers ...

Finally, once you're satisfied with your new mattress, think about reviewing it, so that you can help other people decide what type, brand or store might be best for them.

Since a mattress is such an important component of good health, people should know about your experience - most especially if it's a very good one!

Buying a mattress is an important process and you owe it to yourself to give it the time and consideration it deserves. Without a good mattress, you could pay a hefty price each day, but with the right one, you're going to wake up with the energy and vigor you need to power through.

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